When I think of achieving a connection
with my higher self, or higher spirits,
I realize that it is not a matter of higher,
but rather of moving deeper within.

My higher self is actually my deeper self.
This is where God is.

The University of Metaphysical Sciences, offering spiritual courses in metaphysical studies is a program of Wisdom Of The Heart Church. It is the part of the ministry that allows us to give the public inexpensive access to metaphysical concepts and metaphysical training for professional work in this growing field. Ministerial licenses for those who obtain the Masters degree are granted by The Wisdom Of The Heart Church. The University of Metaphysical Sciences grants metaphysics degrees based on the metaphysical nature of the church, which is a specialized area of religion. It is not necessary to be a member of the church, nor is it required for students to become active ministers or otherwise be connected to the church, besides enrollment in the University of Metaphysical Sciences. University of Metaphysical Sciences is a metaphysics college that stands behind its metaphysics degree based on the spiritual education that metaphysical study can offer.

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UMS Mailing Address

Wisdom Of The Heart Church
c/o University of Metaphysical Sciences
P.O. Box 4505
Arcata, CA 95518

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